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The humble Durian fruit, what’s the fuzz about it?


Heroes and villains alike share the same passion and hatred for this fruit.

Let me start by showing you the No Durian Signs found everywhere in Singapore. On buses, hotels, transits,etc.
duriansign001 duriansign002

Why that much attention on this fruit? Is the smell really that bad?

I know for a fact that Durian is NOT the only smelly stuff around . There is also the bagoong or rotten fish paste.

The putrid smell straight from the bowels of the earth.

That’s one thing I would like to point out.

On the other hand, lo and behold, a building in Singapore named ESPLANADE designed like a Durian is well loved and adored by locals. I am pretty sure this building design pays some respect to the Durian fruit.


I hanged out a few times at the local fruit stall in Semei. I saw the people loving it like chocolate. They eat it with passion.

I saw a seller telling a buyer to buy his Durian because it’s creamy and milky.
I mean, if I want a milky creamy taste, I could get a vanilla ice cream, right?

Still confused, I went to the best Durian store here in Semei. I even tapped a Durian expert Lito,  so as to make sure I am buying a perfect Durian. Not over riped or under, coz I want to make sure of my analysis.

By the way, I am not affected by the so called bad smell of Durian. For me, Durian is not smelly.

Gathering all my strength and summoning all the energies of the universe, I took my first bite at a prime Durian.

The texture is like…poo. This could be bad but I would like to persevere and understand this mystery.

I tasted onions and garlic, my mind cannot process it. I rested.

The next day, I tried again. This time, It tasted like I am eating the changed oil from my motorbike. Fail. Catastrophic failure.

Like a hero coming out of a smoke screen, my bike buddy and expert on all things Durian, Lito arrived at the scene.


He ate the rest of my Durian like a nectar of the Gods. He loves it dearly like most Chinese, Malays and Filipinos from Cebu.

He told me that if I like Japanese Wasabe, I would like it. ” Of course I like Japanese Wasabe…but on Sashimi.”

Expert Lito told me that my palate will open if I eat some more and learned to like that Wasabe taste.

My brother-in-law Joy told me that Durian has no fruity taste. Its taste is for dairy products.

Oh, well. My journey to the Durian realm will not happen soon.

Anyway, I will try and try. I hope Andrew Zimmer will try again too.


This is PINOY ADVENTURE RIDER reporting from Durianland.

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With the help of my culinary buds Dennis & Gerry, we keep searching for the best and really authentic cuisine based on their theme.


We keep searching for foodie places that reflect the perfect food experience and artistry of its owners.

Upon visiting countless foodie places, only an expected few made it.

At first, I got a little selfish to share these places but I think the cat is out of the bag now.

I am very strict about my criteria. What I expect is that when I bite into the food, I expect the scenery to change, the music to change and the smell to change. Such a tall order, but some can simply and effortlessly do that.

Let me start with one, the Burrito Brothers.



Their burrito is next to none. No extenders on the meat, the veggies are fresh and the beans, I could say not local.


The pita bread, they got that one right.


The 2nd one is a noodle house, Mogu located at Lilac st. SSS village.

Here , you can choose the ingredients going into your noodle dish.



They have specialty Dim Sum balls, shrimps, mushroom and veggies. My cholesterol detector is not sounding the alarm, this dish is healthy.

DSCF1151 DSCF1152  DSCF1154 DSCF1155

They offer 3 types of broth lovingly prepared and it is so good. I tried the Laksa broth. It is a little spicy with a little coconut milk. The blending is just so right which makes it special.

The 3rd one is Kebab Brothers. Surprisingly, this place is connected with Burrito Brothers. No wonder the same passion and dedication for authenticity was applied to this place. The theme here is Mediterranean cuisine.
DSCF1003 DSCF1004 DSCF1005   DSCF1017

I worked in the middle east for 5 years and food kinda stuck to me and I kinda miss it. Since 2004, I searched for the real deal and was frustrated and settled to the knowledge that in order to taste the real deal, I have to go back to the middle east.

Today, my search is over. Kebab Brothers brought the feel, the taste and the smell of the middle east.

They perfected the pita bread, the hummus and the garlic sauce.



Thank you Kebab Brothers for providing me what I was missing.

I also would  like to add about this  Spicy Seafood Pesto at Boyong’s Burger. Ridiculously delicious.

This is Pinoy Adventure Rider reporting. Thanks for reading.

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is an open-type mini resto with bar that caters to joggers, bikers and the like. It is located at C6 road near Timberland Heights in San Mateo.Rizal.

You can dine at their nipa huts and have an overlooking view of the metro. Better bring your jacket at night because its quite cold there.

We are always here because the food is superb, prepared home-style with love. You will be welcomed by husband-wife tandem Bojie/Ella Pangan who are also avid bikers/riders, son Bryan, daughter Monica and other family members.

[photo grabbed from Bikers Cafe Facebook page]

My brother Oliver celebrated his birthday here last year. It was a lot of fun in a unique way.

Here is the MENU and I recommend all of them. Try them all!

Let’s say you just arrived with your bike and you just need a light snack, the MAMI noodle dish is for you. It has veggies, chicken, boiled egg and fried pork. Nice!

Ah, you have not eaten anything when you left home? No problem, the TAPSILOG is for you. It’s a complete,strong meal comprising of 1 cup of rice, egg, some veggies and the famous cured meat called TAPA. It can be pork, beef or horse.

You also have to try the Filipino famous Pancit Bihon and the Pancit Canton[Canton has thicker noodles].

I mean just look at it, have you seen anything better?

And there is also, FISH. Dinaing na Bangus or Milkfish split in half and mashed with salt, pepper, garlic and vinegar. Tasty!

And last but not the least, the super-famous PORK/BANGUS [fish] SISIG . Ridiculously delicious!

[NOTE: these are not all their MENU, these are just the ones I ordered]

The prices are affordable, don’t let the ambiance fool you. Cool. That’s all.

This is PINOY ADVENTURE RIDER. Thanks for reading Adventure Buddies!

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It’s 11.11.12 [Nov.11.2012] Sunday.

Perfect riding Sunday. We are going to “Kamay ni Hesus.”

I googled it and saw a giant statue of Jesus on top of a mountain. I MUST see it.

Located in Lucban,Quezon around 3 hours drive from Manila is “Kamay ni Hesus” [Hand of Jesus]
situated at the foot of Mt.Banahaw,Brgy.Tinamnan,Lucban,Quezon.

This place is a well-known pilgrimage site and where the healing priest Fr.Joey Faller resides.

Before going to Lucban, we passed by Lumban where the famous Caliraya lake is situated.

Now according to WIKI,Caliraya Dam is an embankment dam located in the town of Lumban province of Laguna, in the Sierra Madre Mountain Range of the Philippines.

The reservoir created by the dam, Lake Caliraya, initially supplied one of the oldest hydroelectric plants in the Philippines, and later became a popular recreational area for numerous water sports and fishing.

The dam construction was started in 1939 and a small hydroelectric plant was operated in 1942. [WIKI stop]

ON TO Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban.Quezon.

Upon reaching the place, you will be amazed at how grand the view is. A 50 foot statue of Jesus Christ is on top of a mountain.

If you want to reach the top, you will have to climb a 295-step stairway made of rocks and stones. This ordeal will serve as somewhat, penance for your sins and exercise too.

On the way to the top are more giant statues of the 14 Stations of the Cross made of cement.

Going up, everything turned to black and white or that’s just me.

Going down is easier..I think..faster if you just let go and fall rolling like a stone.

Finally, I managed to go down. The ordeal made me hungry and immediately spotted a food store.

I will go for the Lucban specialty PANCIT HABHAB. Pancit HABHAB is made of thick miki noodles with sauteed ground pork and veggies.

The big difference of this noodle dish from other noodle dishes is it is mixed with vinegar. It is not for me. Habhab is a way of eating it. Using a piece of banana leaf as plate, you shove it strait to your mouth, like a cave person…in a good way…hmmm…Economical. No more dirty dishes.

The weather is cool. The roads are mighty fine!

It is 2 PM. Meryenda time or snack. Halo Halo anyone. Halo Halo is a mixture of sweet fruits and candied veggies with shaved ice, milk and sugar. Aleng Taleng’s Halo Halo is one of the BEST if not the best [at least according to one TV show].

It is time to give it a try.

Php 75. Cool. The presentation is not very inviting. Not colorful or fancy. I tasted it. Promising. There is something on top. The waitress told me it’s candied coconut pulp. Brilliant! And the milk, carabao’s milk, I think..WOW! Super delicious. Worth the travel. 2 thumbs up.

Time to ride home.

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Thanks for reading Adventure Buddies!

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