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Lipa, BATANGAS is the second largest city in the province of Batangas in the Philippines. It is one of the three cities in Batangas (the others are Batangas City and Tanauan). It is located 78 kilometres (48 mi) south of Manila and, according to the 2007 census, has a population of 260,558 in 41,962 households. Lipa City is approximately midway between Batangas and Sulu and from the eastern periphery of  Surigao Province to the western international boundary of Palawan. The city is in the center of Region IV, at the heart of Batangas Province.

Lipa City is bounded by the town of Santo Tomas in the northeast, San Pablo City of Laguna and San Antonio, Quezon in the east, the municipalities of Padre Garcia and Rosario in the southeast, the municipalities of Ibaan and San Jose in the southwest, the municipalities of Cuenca and Mataas Na Kahoy and Taal Lake in the west and the municipalities of Balete and Malvar in the northwest. The city’s location, in a valley between Mount Malarayat and Mount Makulot, makes it a low-risk area for natural disasters. These two mountains serve as a windbreak during typhoons. Mount Makulot, in the west, also served as shield during eruptions of the Taal Volcano.

The guy with a white helmet and shades is MANNY, our trailmaster.

April 20.2012. Can’t sleep. It’s 12:39AM already. Being an adventurer by heart, I always try to do the hard things, impossible things for most. The Lipa MTB ride is forecasted at 100 kms. – one way. Not so hard if not for the killer sun this week. I want to do it but my alter ego keeps chanting “You will fry your brains to DEATH!”. Manny called me twice telling me that Lipa is very near and not much uphill. With pretty much kicking and screaming, I finally found myself getting ready for the ride.

Ernie and Rocky are also joining. We started pedaling at around 5AM. Manny and 2 others are already there at the meeting place, Jollibee Concepcion,Marikina.

Our first hour of pedaling was smooth, 20 kms. in an hour.


Las Pinas

We got to Alabang, Muntinlupa in no time.

San Pedro


Sta. Rosa

Sto. Tomas
Tanauan City


After this arc, I took a break and recharged with Coke and ice cream.

Lipa City
Finally, the center of the universe today, Lipa.

Our lunch is ready  at Rosario, 12 kms. away from Lipa. It’s 11 AM. Soo hot and humid. Manny told us that after eating lunch at Rosario, we have to pedal back to Lipa plus 7 kms. more to Mataas na Kahoy where we will stay for the night.
We touched down at Rosario for lunch. Here is the odometer reading.

Pancit Palabok, Sinampalukang Manok, Lechong Manok, Homemade Halo Halo and Melon Juice.

Lipa to Rosario is all downhill. What does that mean? Coming back to Lipa will be all uphill and Mataas na Kahoy…you guessed it! All uphill. Nice.

Mataas na Kahoy

It is getting dark. Finally, we are Mataas na Kahoy. It is a town with an arc. We went to the market place and ate a good meal. Yummy.

We celebrated a little before going to bed for tomorrow at 3AM, we pedal bike to Manila.

Thanks for reading guys!

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Old records called the town Ibon. How it came to be known as Gapan is an interesting legend: When the place was still wilderness, Spanish soldiers came there on a mission when they saw natives crawling through the thick bushes. The soldier stopped them and, not knowing the local language, asked in Spanish for the name of the place. The natives knew nothing on the Spanish language and, thinking that the Spanish were asking what they were doing, answered in Tagalog, a local language “Gumagapang gapang kami“. The Spanish took it as a name and henceforth called The Pueblo Gapang. In time, the letter “g” was dropped and the name Gapan sticks to this day. Another legend stated the name came from the climbing and crawling plants that were so numerous in the locality.

My new MTB friend Manny invited us to ride to his hometown Gapan, Nueva Ecija. It’s his mom’s bday and there is a LITSON, a roasted pig, my favorite.

We took the NORZAGARAY, Bulacan shortcut from Marikina City. My Garmin tracked the route at 94 kilometers, 71 kms. if you take the very new San Leonardo route.

Well, we took the sissy 94 kilometer route. The ride was smooth and cool. We arrived at around 8AM.

We saw lots of ducks swimming at the irrigation canals. Gapan NE is a rice producing town. Lots of rice fields.

We chilled out for a while. At around lunch time, the giant LITSON arrived. It is big, huge.

We need to cut it to pieces. Luckily, rider Dodong on a Honda DASH works for a catering company [NITZ Catering] and is an expert in chopping dino-size pigs.

After putting on the apron, he immediately chopped the beast like a chicken.

More delicious food was served. Someone told me the cook is working for a luxury cruise liner and is just on vacation.

We are soooo full and munching on the roasted pig is not very healthy. Too much of it is somewhat….Dangerous.

[You don’t want this dude to have the last laugh, hihi.]
Before I ended up face down from too much food, I decided to ride back. I waved goodbye to Manny’s mom and friends.

Remember that San Leonardo route my GARMIN GPS is suggesting? We decided to give it a try. We left the National road and turned left as the GPS was suggesting. It took us to ordinary-looking streets. We just followed the noisy GPS. Left, right,left, right. We are too far to turn back now but at least our destination is getting nearer, according to GARMIN. No houses in sight but at least it is still day time. Finally, we emerged at Angat, Bulacan, a familiar place. The ride back totalled 71 kilometers in 2 hours compared to the morning ride of 94 kilometers in 3 hours.

Nice ride. Thanks for reading.

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INUTAK is a famous delicacy that took its roots from the kitchens of Taguig. It was and still is a staple household treat the women of  Taguig lovingly prepared for the family.

Made from basic ground sticky rice (kaning malagkit) with a hefty infusion of coconut cream(gata), the Inutak is slowly baked with charcoal fire and best eaten while hot.

Try this wonderful creamy-melty delicacy with ice cream ala mode style or for the more adventurous, choose from our assortment of flavors. But for the more traditional, INUTAK is lovely on its own. Best with salabat, hot chocolate or coffee.


[from Kristina’s Premium Inutak flyer]
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The INUTAK of TAGUIG. It has been 4 months since I started looking for the famous Inutak, Taguig’s delicacy.

Finally, I found one at THE FORT. Kristina’s Premium Inutak.
There was a taste test before buying.

Instantly,my prognosis is good.

I bought a box for only Php 120. I took it back to my office and brewed my coffee.

I love it!

It’s incomparable to other sticky rice and coconut cream delicacies of the Philippines.
It is thick like “BRAINS”. Maybe that is where it got its name.

The taste is good, no doubt. But I think  it is “nakakaumay”[get tired in food] if taken on its own because it has no texture. It must be partnered with ice cream, tea, coffee, salabat etc.

A must try. I recommend it!

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I heared it again after 10 years. “Can we broadcast Live Online?”

My immediate answer is NO!

I remembered very well 10 years back when I studied this fascinating technology and failed. I used the software webcam32.

But today is a different story.

The technology has drastically improved.
The computers are faster,cameras are ridiculously cheaper and better and the internet connection,improved.

Spearheaded by Mayor Ate Lani Cayetano and PIO Chief Darwin Icay, the E-Graduation idea came into play.

I love a good challenge, we all do.

I searched on the modern day crystal ball Google and found livestream, ustream and  I immediately chose because it’s free, cheap if you want to purchase and you can embed it in your site even in free version. I got 6 accounts with no hassle.

Embedding the script is easy just like embedding a Youtube video in a page.

A laptop.An external PC camera. An external mic. A DSL connection. It’s time to go live.
I logged in to 3-2-1 GO LIVE!
We are LIVE!

We need to simulcast at 6 locations. 6 sets,6 operators, back up on everything and we are good to go.

Logistics. Wow! 34 schools. That’s a lot to muster. One by one we tested the sites for electricity and remote internet connection.

March 26,We had a final meeting. I was informed by PIO that leading broadcast networks and newspapers will cover the E-Graduation. We prepared the machines and trained the personnel at Burby’s Grill in PETRON Taguig. We finished at around 9pm.

March 27, D Day. Everybody is excited and scared. We only had 4 hours of sleep as we had to be at the site at 4am and be broadcasting by 5:30am.

Adrenalin running, we broadcasted at Signal Village National High School.

As soon as the broadcast started, we felt a sigh of relief. The system works and we are so happy.
We gave each other a pat on the back. The E-Graduation has begun.

At Calzada-Tipas Elementary School[annex], I got an interview from GMANEWS reporter Ms. Maria Bulaklak Ausente.

It was later aired at 24 ORAS and other GMANEWS programs.

We managed to simulcast 6 schools on the first day of E-Graduation.


The initial broadcast day happened without a hitch and we were so happy. Four  more days to go.

The “boyz“,(operators) JP, Johnley, Eric, Aljun, John Christopher,Floyd, Frangie are getting better and better everyday and I am glad.

The days flew with only minor problems. The”Back-up Crew” Gino, Karl, Don and me are always ready to respond. We are equipped with complete devices including multiple wifi sticks.

The E-Graduation works. It is a proof of concept that with minimal expense, any municipality in the Philippines can do the same.

This is Pinoy Adventure Rider for E-Graduation.

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Thanks for reading.

GMANEWS interviewed Pinoy Adventure Rider for Taguig’s E-Graduation

Balitanghali version

SAKSI version

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