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With the help of my culinary buds Dennis & Gerry, we keep searching for the best and really authentic cuisine based on their theme.


We keep searching for foodie places that reflect the perfect food experience and artistry of its owners.

Upon visiting countless foodie places, only an expected few made it.

At first, I got a little selfish to share these places but I think the cat is out of the bag now.

I am very strict about my criteria. What I expect is that when I bite into the food, I expect the scenery to change, the music to change and the smell to change. Such a tall order, but some can simply and effortlessly do that.

Let me start with one, the Burrito Brothers.



Their burrito is next to none. No extenders on the meat, the veggies are fresh and the beans, I could say not local.


The pita bread, they got that one right.


The 2nd one is a noodle house, Mogu located at Lilac st. SSS village.

Here , you can choose the ingredients going into your noodle dish.



They have specialty Dim Sum balls, shrimps, mushroom and veggies. My cholesterol detector is not sounding the alarm, this dish is healthy.

DSCF1151 DSCF1152  DSCF1154 DSCF1155

They offer 3 types of broth lovingly prepared and it is so good. I tried the Laksa broth. It is a little spicy with a little coconut milk. The blending is just so right which makes it special.

The 3rd one is Kebab Brothers. Surprisingly, this place is connected with Burrito Brothers. No wonder the same passion and dedication for authenticity was applied to this place. The theme here is Mediterranean cuisine.
DSCF1003 DSCF1004 DSCF1005   DSCF1017

I worked in the middle east for 5 years and food kinda stuck to me and I kinda miss it. Since 2004, I searched for the real deal and was frustrated and settled to the knowledge that in order to taste the real deal, I have to go back to the middle east.

Today, my search is over. Kebab Brothers brought the feel, the taste and the smell of the middle east.

They perfected the pita bread, the hummus and the garlic sauce.



Thank you Kebab Brothers for providing me what I was missing.

I also would  like to add about this  Spicy Seafood Pesto at Boyong’s Burger. Ridiculously delicious.

This is Pinoy Adventure Rider reporting. Thanks for reading.

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