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The Firefly Brigade is a citizen’s volunteer action group formed in 1999 to work for clean air and a habitable, people-friendly environment in our cities.

The fireflies have fled the city because they could not stand its dirty air. All of us cyclists, pedestrians, commuters, even those who ride cars who live, work and raise families in the city may suffer the same fate. We continue to dirty our city’s air with polluting vehicles and factories. As a result, we also risk disappearing like the fireflies.

Why resign ourselves to this fate?

We have a choice. We can fight for clean air and bring the fireflies back.

Tour of the Fireflies

The group organizes an annual cycling caravan known as the Tour of the Fireflies. The tour attracts cyclists from all walks of life and of all ages for a treat of a bike tour around the cities of Metro Manila; still to promote cycling as an environment friendly and healthy form of transportation around the cities.
[taken from Wikipedia,the free encyclopedia]

Nov. 18.2012. Sunday. 5AM. The day of the long-awaited 14th Tour of the Fireflies.

I hooked up with my MTB buddies, Rocky, Rox and Manny. We rode to Tiendesitas in Pasig City.

Upon reaching ground zero, I saw hundreds of fireflies. [bikers] More than last year.

From all walks of life.

There are also the usual sponsors like Pepsi and Nutribar.

It’s Super Jam-packed! We can’t even move. I can’t see the head or the tail of the Tour.

The roads are  not enough.

I stopped and stood at the side of the road photo shooting for 1.5 hours and still, I did not see the tail.

I saw many different bikes and costumes.

I just love the little bikers.

I even saw the Power Rangers.

The 14th Tour of the Firelfies is an overwhelming success.

See you again next year!

Note: to view 300 photos of this event, LIKE thePINOY ADVENTURE RIDER page on the rights side of the screen. Tnx!

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Antipolo is a city in the Philippines located in the province of Rizal; about 25 kms. east of Manila.

The city was named after the tipolo (breadfruit) tree (Artocarpus incisa), which was in abundance in the area.

The city is popular for being a pilgrimage site. It prides itself as the “Pilgrimage Capital of the Philippines.”

You will find many religious items for sale near the Antipolo Church.

The Marian image of the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage or the Virgin of Antipolo, which was brought in from Mexico in 1626, and enshrined in the Antipolo Cathedral has a continuous following among Filipino Catholics since the Spanish era.

A popular custom of pilgrims to the Virgin of Antipolo is the trek going to its shrine on the eves of Good Friday and May 1, from various locations in Rizal Province and Metro Manila.

Some pilgrims would begin the trek from Quiapo Church in Downtown Manila following the procession of the image.

There is also an existing custom to have new vehicles blessed at the church in the belief that this will ensure the safety of the vehicle and its passengers.

We are here today to get a new motorcycle get blessed. You will have to  make a donation at the church office and a priest will come to your vehicle at the parking lot. All the riders with us will stand as Godfathers to the newly blessed or [newly baptized] motorcycle. A celebration will come soon after.

Its higher elevation than that of Metro Manila provides a scenic view of the metropolis, especially at night.

Its locally grown mangoes and cashews are popular among tourists, as well as suman – a local delicacy made out of glutinous rice. [information from Wiki]



This is Pinoy Adventure Rider. Thanks for reading.

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It was a bright sunny, Saturday morning, Oct. 20.2012 when the IDSS Adventure Team re-visited the Mt. Maarat,Timberland Heights trail.

The trail was perfect. Not too muddy and not to dusty. Just right.

The mountain air was fresh and the views were stunning.

There were uphill tracks and we rode in with no problems.

There were also downhill tracks that were quite exciting to ride on.

I think it is snake breeding season this time of year. We saw a green rat snake crossing the trail. We almost hit it. It is more than 5 feet long.The snake has a beautiful, brightly-colored, shiny, scaly body.

It has a pair of bright, yellow, eyes and a sky blue tongue. Very nice. We allowed it to pass unharmed. Other riders saw smaller green snakes too.

We continued riding and went to Philip’s Sanctuary and tried the trail there.

Afterwards, we ate at Giant’s Store.

It was a fun and exciting ride for the IDSS Adventure Team.

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It was a pretty Sunday morning. 5AM.

I rode to the Parang, Marikina Playground looking for my buddy Cooper. [in red]

He told me that there is a biking club named BGY. PARANG BIKING CLUB that will ride to the town of Mabitac, Laguna around 50 kms. away.

I waited and saw some ladies on China bikes. I thought to myself, this will be a
slooow ride.

[Mondragon Family]

Then I saw some China folding bikes and BMX bikes. People from all ages started showing up and in no time, there were around 50 individuals.

Bgy. Parang, Marikina Councilor Xhy Diazen [in pink]

The questions is, can these people on these heavy china bikes make it to the mountainous Mabitac roads? Well, we will see. I joined in to find out.

To my amazement, everybody made it. Truly, the biker’s will to proceed is the key to biking long distances at any age and gender.

Enjoying the trip itself and being one with the bike will get you anywhere.

Bgy. Parang, Marikina Captain Kap. Levi de Guzman [in gray,center]

This is Pinoy Adventure Rider reporting.

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It is a Sunday, October 21.2012.

We are supposed to ride to Tagaytay via bus with the bikes. Our friend Chris told us that there is a certain bus company that allows the mountain bikes in the bus compartments for free.

I would like to try that and find out if it is actually true.

But hey,remember Manny Aranton [ in white shades]?,our trailmaster in such crazy rides as Marikina-Batangas-Marikina bike ride?

Well, he is here. He told us AGAIN! that this trip is EASY and Tagaytay is VERY, VERY near.

After pretty much kicking and screaming..we decided to pedal all the way.

It was 430AM. 10 riders pedalled. Our plan is to maintain 20-25 kph speed in order to reach Tagaytay for at least within the month…or today.

The weather is cool and it is a cloudy day. Perfect.

We started strong at 26 kph. speed. We left Marikina taking the C5 highway.

Pasig City, Taguig City, Paranaque City, all flat roads. But then, we hit Cavite. Bacoor, then Imus, the road started to elevate. Tagaytay is 2,000 feet above sea level, and the ride sure is punishing.

Upon reaching Imus,Cavite, it will be uphill all the way for at least 30 kms. It is surely a pain-in-the-*** ride.

We are on Aguinaldo Highway where buses and jeepneys fare. Some riders hired a jeepney to take them to Rotonda at Tagaytay.

3 of our motorcycle buddies arrived towing some riders uphill. 7 riders struggled on to finish this 30 km. grueling uphill ride.

Upon reaching Tagaytay, I felt a sigh of relief. 82 kms. in 6 hours.

Time for lunch.

We had the famous Tagaytay BULALO, a fresh beef and pork boiled until tender  with potatoes and cabbages. We also had some grilled Tilapia fish. Delicious!

4 PM. Time to hit the road. We all know that it will be mostly downhill from here on.

Our plan was to get out of Aguinaldo Highway before it gets dark.
Vehicles here run at high speeds. Very dangerous.

It is already 9PM, we arrived at Marikina. Another crazy ride in the books.
We are so happy.

Our next crazy ride will be to Nueva Ecija 350 kms.

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I believe no expedition can be successful without a support crew/vehicle. I know a lot of groups want it but cannot afford it, so they resort to dividing the support jobs to each and every rider.

Support Crew/Vehicle is an essential part of the success of the 3 PETRON MOTORCYCLE RUNS.

During every PETRON RUN, motorcycles and rider’s gears are scrutinized just to insure that accidents can be averted at an early stage.

But of course, the motorcycle, as we all know, is a magical machine. It can take us to great adventures and beautiful places but, it only has 2 wheels and cannot stand on its own. It is very easy to crash on a motorcycle. Accidents are common and support crew/vehicle should act as a guardian angel, able to respond and reach a fallen rider at a short notice.

All pumped up and ready, we rode on chasing the 400+ motorcycles. We are on 4 ISUZU pickups. Equipped with radios, we communicate on how to tackle each and every situation.

Fallen riders are very thankful that we are there as needed. Slips, slides, engine problems, etc. we are there.

I have to admit, the ISUZU pickups can take some serious beating. We rode so hard on every terrain imaginable with no problems.


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SAFERUN is a SAFE AND RESULT-ORIENTED event wherein motorcycle manufactures and enthusiasts can test the fuel efficiency, performance, durability and dependability of their motorcycles over a 2-day 750km run in actual traffic conditions, various terrain and weather conditions.

SAFERUN aims to further strengthen our advocacy for Road Safety by training the participants to strictly adhere to all government laws and regulations pertaining to road and public safety, to improve their riding skills, fuel economy riding techniques and navigation abilities.

SAFERUN aims to guide the Filipino consumer by publishing the actual fuel consumption and performance of the various engine displacements of motorcycle brands available in the Philippines and emphasize that the motorcycle is an economical and safe mode of transportation.


MARCH 2.2012 “D” Day. This is the 3rd time PETRON held a 750-kilometer motorcycle run. The route is the same as last year’s. Tarlac, Pampanga, Bataan, Subic, Zambales, Alaminos, Pangasinan, down to Urdaneta, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija, Santa Fe, Aritao and finally Baguio.

Lots of riders showed up from all over. All geared up for WAR!

Actor Bembol Roco on a Kawasaki NINJA is also here!

I am telling you, this is not a sissy ride. I was in survival mode last year and up to this very day still thankful I made it. I know this year’s riders are hardcore.

It was 5AM. Time to ride. All gassed up and pumped, riders are ready.
The big bikes started rolling, followed by the smaller bikes at 5 minute intervals.

More than 400 motorcycles rolled out of PETRON Diego Silang in Taguig City. I saw 2 Suzuki back up vans, 1 Kawasaki back up vehicle, 3 Isuzu DMAX back up pick-ups and 2 Red Cross Ambulances.

This event is covered by media partners and adventure photographers like me.

Compared to last year’s, I noticed riders and motorcycle manufacturers are taking this economy run much more seriously. A lot of riders are in an aerodynamic riding position to prevent wind-drag which is really tough for a long ride like this. Most riders are riding at 50-70 kph to maximize on fuel consumption but that really sucks because I would call that speed slow. But that’s just me.

There were minor troubles along the way. Sure enough, the back up vehicles are there to help them. Equipped with radios and dedication, they swiftly race to the scene.

It was a hot,humid day when the riders arrived at Alaminos,Pangasinan for an overnight stop-over. Home of the famous “HUNDRED ISLANDS“.

Alaminos is a nice place. Once there, I hit the shack, opened my laptop, checked my emails, did some work and faded into the night.

MARCH 3.2012. 4AM. Breakfast. Pandesal with egg and coffee. Perfect.

Riders have risen from the dark. 400 plus strong, ready to roll out.

5AM, It’s TIME! Motorcycles roared out from Vislas Resort. Like fireflies through the night, we rolled. We are heading to Urdaneta for the next check point. After Urdaneta, we rode to San Jose City, to Santa Fe where we encountered serious rough road, bone-dry pavements, powdered, airborne soil and mud causing slips.

Then there it is. ARITAO. The wild,scary,twisty, bad-ass 103-kilometer ARITAO to BAGUIO route. At least this time, it is still daytime 1PM. We entered the route hard wanting to appear cooler this time. In my last year’s blog, I described the route as with “ENDLESS TWISTIES“. I would like to count them this time. Just the left turns.

But NO! I could not count them as I am busy saving my butt from falling to a ravine. It is really called “ENDLESS” for now. I even got motion sickness at the last 30 kilometers.

Ah, FINALLY!! BAGUIO. I miss BAGUIO. I miss the fresh strawberries.

I dropped my bags at a hotel and searched for fresh strawberries. I got 1 kilo and after strolling a bit at BURNHAM PARK, I got back at the hotel bar and got some SMB LIGHTS with the fresh strawberries as “PULUTAN”.

Tomorrow, awarding day.

Thank you PETRON, ATPI and Sir FRANCIS RIVERA for this yet another, UNFORGETTABLE RIDE. I even got new pals [Lawrence of ATPI and Homer of STOPLIGHT TV] along the way!

Special thanks to Kenneth,my riding buddy last year, for the input on this year’s ride.

The PETRON SPRINT 4T Engine OIL will always keep your engine cool specially on long rides like this.

Cheers! See you next year.

To see 1,000 photos of this event, just add FACEBOOK PinoyAdventurer.

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It was a perfect night. I saw lots of stars[and planets] convincing me that there is a slim chance of rain.

My friend Rocky finally saved enough to assemble a mountain bike.
His bike is a flat-blacked frame with a glossy-white fork. It’s beautiful and ready for action.

This is his first night ride and we chose to ride to Quezon Memorial Circle.

As we were riding along the road, Rocky told us to pass by Riverbank Mall because his wifey Jho, kid Arren  and friend Malou are having a picnic.

And there they were on a perfect picnic area, blanket, basket and all.

There is FOOD! Lots of it. It is time to chow down. What a pleasant surprise as some of us haven’t had dinner.

After attacking like locusts at the picnic basket, we waved goodbye and headed for QC Circle to search and attack more picnic baskets!

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