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Another weekend, another crazy ride. We planned this trip a long,long time ago.Most riders ignore it.
We all agreed to have a truck take us halfway of the 107-kilometer route. But that never materialized.

But one bright, adrenalin-induced day, everybody seems to be in a Gung-ho mood and just wants to do it. “We have back-up scooters, we’re good!” they all say. I do not like the idea but I lost my case to 5 other riders.

I know my farthest MTB ride is 75 kilometers.I remembered that hot,sunny day when I dragged my weary body home.

January 22,2012. D Day.
I woke up at 3 AM. I want to prepare and have a good breakfast for this challenging day. Meeting time is 430 AM.

19 riders met at Masinag Market in Antipolo City. 2 from Caloocan, 1 from Pandacan, 2 from Pasig, 1 from Cubao, the rest from Marikina.

I know the route very well. I rode to Sierra Madre Hotel before, 40 kilometers away from Masinag. 2 road bikers took me there. It is hardcore. Mostly uphill and the roads are magnetic.

We started well. 10 kilometers,easy. 20 kilometers, some riders getting  slower and slower uphill. Fatigue is setting in.

The back-up scooters are a big help. 30 kilometers, one bike keeps breaking down. The gears are broken. Chain keeps falling off.

The sun is up, toasting us but the views are stunning. It is all good.

It is 12 PM. We reached Sampaloc, Tanay. The halfway mark of the journey.

We traveled 55 kilometers now. Time for lunch. There is a Gotong Batangas here. A rider told me we must try it.

I am suprised to find out that the Gotong Batangas does not have rice in it like other Gotos I have tried.

The GOTONG BATANGAS is like the PAPAITAN dish without the bitter taste.

The bulalo here is just average. Vic’s Bulalo is better.

Half of the riders ran out of fumes and are considering renting a jeep to take them home. Half stayed.

The scooters are on stand by.

After lunch from Sampaloc,Tanay we encountered a 15-kilometer downhill.

Teresa,Rizal to Antipolo is also full of steep uphills. I can feel my legs shaking now after 80 kilometers of riding. My hands are numb and my butt took the shape of the seat already.

We stopped at a Buko Station at Teresa Market. A very refreshing treat.
At Antipolo, it started to rain. We waited it out at a gas station.

9 guys managed to finish the 107-km. ordeal. We celebrated our achievement by eating strawberry sundaes at McDO.

It is a punishing and crazy ride  but ask the riders if they will do it again,the answer is YES!

Thanks for reading.

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135 kilometers from Manila is General Nakar, Province of Quezon. We took the Marikina – Infanta route, also known as MARILAQUE hiway. From Marcos hiway, go straight all the way to Sampaloc, Tanay. The roads here are newly cemented and asphalted.  You will encounter minor potholes due to rains, but very minimal.

We want to visit the river.

After this arc, we turned left towards the river.

We rested for a while under the trees. It’s 12 PM.

On to the river, on foot.


Now back to the bikes and get our a#%$s home.

Here is something about General Nakar.

Named in homage to the late Guillermo P. Nakar, the municipality rugged and mountainous terrain is suitable for trekking, hiking and other related activities aside from its extensive coastline. It is relatively rich in different flora and fauna.

General Nakar is a first class municipality in the province of Quezon, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 24,895.[1] This is the biggest municipality in the province. General Nakar is south of Dingalan (Aurora), north of Real and Infanta, east of Rodriguez, Antipolo City, Tanay (Rizal), Doña Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan and Norzagaray (Bulacan), and is bounded by Lamon Bay in the eastern side.

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