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The Giant Stairway provides a spectacular entry to the Jamison Valley, descending approximately 300 m. (1,000 ft.) via more than 800 steps. It is located adjacent to the Three Sisters Mountain formation.




Many of the steps had been carved out of the cliff, and metal stairs installed, an effort was made to take advantage of natural ledges, erosion and projections.



Chief Ranger Jim McKay was appointed in 1901, and took to his job with great enthusiasm. In 1914, he conceived the idea of the Giant Stairway. In 1916 it was approved by council, and work began. It was short-lived, however. The work of hacking steps out of the sheer cliff face was deemed too expensive, and the project was halted after a quarter of the distance.

It was not until 1932 that work was re-commenced, again under McKay’s direction, after lobbying by local photographer Harry Phillips.

 Oh yes!  Giant Stairway.

I was expecting a bunch of giant staircases.

But No!


What’s really there is a bunch of small, tight and steep steel stairways descending to God knows where. Deep down the valley below. For some reason, your logic will tell you not to go down. The more you go down, the more you have to climb up. I am pretty sure its tougher climbing up.


Young and old people are climbing down. You may think that these people may be just a little lower than you but surely not all the way down the valley… or are they?


I have to investigate. As I go deeper and deeper down the stairway, not a soul in sight. “They have gone all the way…”


My heart is pounding out of my chest. Cardiac arrest may come any moment. My uphill biking really helped a lot as I am still seeing color all around.


Down and down and down I go. Endless. It’s like there is no getting back up again. Finally, I see the tree tops. ” It’s not that far anymore…right?”


With sheer Pinoy Adventure Rider will, I finally made it. Still not a soul in sight.


No one is planning to come up because as the sign says, “Scenic Railway is available going up for a fee. Last train car leaves at 4:50 PM.” It’s 4:30 PM now and I don’t know which way is the train.


Climbing back up is my immediate reaction. I rushed back up. It’s creepy down there. I met my brother along the way.


Finally we made it all the way up the mountain. That’s some adventure. Cheers mate!

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Be Good. Remember the 10 Commandments.

We are very busy. We keep forgetting. That’s what we all say.

By the Goodness and Grace of GOD, are we  assured of HIS forgiveness?  I don’t know.


What I know is on top of a hill in Pintong Bocaue, San Mateo, Rizal are two 50-foot stone tablets of the 10 Commandments.


So big it dwarfs the bikes and people around it.

5 riders converged at Ministop. 6 AM. It’s going to be a hot ride. Global-warming hot.


We rode up to Monterey Hills, down to AFP Housing, up to Sitio Aries and then up to Pintong Bocaue hills where the giant stones cast a shadow on humanity.

It is not very far from Philip’s Sanctuary.

Up there, there is a store where you can order food and drinks. The place is called CAMP SINAI.


It’s not the best food but there is no other choice.

We ate tapsilog (meat, fried rice and egg) and some soda. After that, we took some shots of the stone tablets.


The PINTONG BOCAUE route I remember very well because if you rode a little further, you will find a beautiful and relaxing river that feeds water to the old WAWA DAM of RIZAL.


It is not the most spectacular scene for me but it is worth a visit.

Safe riding guys!

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It was a bright sunny, Saturday morning, Oct. 20.2012 when the IDSS Adventure Team re-visited the Mt. Maarat,Timberland Heights trail.

The trail was perfect. Not too muddy and not to dusty. Just right.

The mountain air was fresh and the views were stunning.

There were uphill tracks and we rode in with no problems.

There were also downhill tracks that were quite exciting to ride on.

I think it is snake breeding season this time of year. We saw a green rat snake crossing the trail. We almost hit it. It is more than 5 feet long.The snake has a beautiful, brightly-colored, shiny, scaly body.

It has a pair of bright, yellow, eyes and a sky blue tongue. Very nice. We allowed it to pass unharmed. Other riders saw smaller green snakes too.

We continued riding and went to Philip’s Sanctuary and tried the trail there.

Afterwards, we ate at Giant’s Store.

It was a fun and exciting ride for the IDSS Adventure Team.

Thanks for reading.

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It was a perfect night. I saw lots of stars[and planets] convincing me that there is a slim chance of rain.

My friend Rocky finally saved enough to assemble a mountain bike.
His bike is a flat-blacked frame with a glossy-white fork. It’s beautiful and ready for action.

This is his first night ride and we chose to ride to Quezon Memorial Circle.

As we were riding along the road, Rocky told us to pass by Riverbank Mall because his wifey Jho, kid Arren  and friend Malou are having a picnic.

And there they were on a perfect picnic area, blanket, basket and all.

There is FOOD! Lots of it. It is time to chow down. What a pleasant surprise as some of us haven’t had dinner.

After attacking like locusts at the picnic basket, we waved goodbye and headed for QC Circle to search and attack more picnic baskets!

Thanks for reading.

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