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Today is Oct. 31.2012 Halloween night.

I went to Puregold Taguig City and saw some mythical Filipino monsters at the lobby.

Their costumes were creatively and painstakingly assembled.

Filipinos nowadays are becoming more crafty and more creative.

There was a Tikbalang [a tall creature resembling a Demon Horse]

Muerta [ ghost of death]

The Vampire Lady [blood-suckers] and The White Lady ghost

The Devil with the trident

The Impakto [a creature of darkness]

The Chainsaw Massacre Dude[psycho killer]

The people loved it specially the kids. The mall is even playing scary soundbites…scarrryyy!

It was exciting and fun and let us not forget that Halloween and All Saints’ Day on November 1 and All Souls’ Day on November 2 is a time for honoring and praying for the recently departed who had yet to reach Heaven.

Happy Halloween Everyone.

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It was a bright sunny, Saturday morning, Oct. 20.2012 when the IDSS Adventure Team re-visited the Mt. Maarat,Timberland Heights trail.

The trail was perfect. Not too muddy and not to dusty. Just right.

The mountain air was fresh and the views were stunning.

There were uphill tracks and we rode in with no problems.

There were also downhill tracks that were quite exciting to ride on.

I think it is snake breeding season this time of year. We saw a green rat snake crossing the trail. We almost hit it. It is more than 5 feet long.The snake has a beautiful, brightly-colored, shiny, scaly body.

It has a pair of bright, yellow, eyes and a sky blue tongue. Very nice. We allowed it to pass unharmed. Other riders saw smaller green snakes too.

We continued riding and went to Philip’s Sanctuary and tried the trail there.

Afterwards, we ate at Giant’s Store.

It was a fun and exciting ride for the IDSS Adventure Team.

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It was a pretty Sunday morning. 5AM.

I rode to the Parang, Marikina Playground looking for my buddy Cooper. [in red]

He told me that there is a biking club named BGY. PARANG BIKING CLUB that will ride to the town of Mabitac, Laguna around 50 kms. away.

I waited and saw some ladies on China bikes. I thought to myself, this will be a
slooow ride.

[Mondragon Family]

Then I saw some China folding bikes and BMX bikes. People from all ages started showing up and in no time, there were around 50 individuals.

Bgy. Parang, Marikina Councilor Xhy Diazen [in pink]

The questions is, can these people on these heavy china bikes make it to the mountainous Mabitac roads? Well, we will see. I joined in to find out.

To my amazement, everybody made it. Truly, the biker’s will to proceed is the key to biking long distances at any age and gender.

Enjoying the trip itself and being one with the bike will get you anywhere.

Bgy. Parang, Marikina Captain Kap. Levi de Guzman [in gray,center]

This is Pinoy Adventure Rider reporting.

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It is a Sunday, October 21.2012.

We are supposed to ride to Tagaytay via bus with the bikes. Our friend Chris told us that there is a certain bus company that allows the mountain bikes in the bus compartments for free.

I would like to try that and find out if it is actually true.

But hey,remember Manny Aranton [ in white shades]?,our trailmaster in such crazy rides as Marikina-Batangas-Marikina bike ride?

Well, he is here. He told us AGAIN! that this trip is EASY and Tagaytay is VERY, VERY near.

After pretty much kicking and screaming..we decided to pedal all the way.

It was 430AM. 10 riders pedalled. Our plan is to maintain 20-25 kph speed in order to reach Tagaytay for at least within the month…or today.

The weather is cool and it is a cloudy day. Perfect.

We started strong at 26 kph. speed. We left Marikina taking the C5 highway.

Pasig City, Taguig City, Paranaque City, all flat roads. But then, we hit Cavite. Bacoor, then Imus, the road started to elevate. Tagaytay is 2,000 feet above sea level, and the ride sure is punishing.

Upon reaching Imus,Cavite, it will be uphill all the way for at least 30 kms. It is surely a pain-in-the-*** ride.

We are on Aguinaldo Highway where buses and jeepneys fare. Some riders hired a jeepney to take them to Rotonda at Tagaytay.

3 of our motorcycle buddies arrived towing some riders uphill. 7 riders struggled on to finish this 30 km. grueling uphill ride.

Upon reaching Tagaytay, I felt a sigh of relief. 82 kms. in 6 hours.

Time for lunch.

We had the famous Tagaytay BULALO, a fresh beef and pork boiled until tender  with potatoes and cabbages. We also had some grilled Tilapia fish. Delicious!

4 PM. Time to hit the road. We all know that it will be mostly downhill from here on.

Our plan was to get out of Aguinaldo Highway before it gets dark.
Vehicles here run at high speeds. Very dangerous.

It is already 9PM, we arrived at Marikina. Another crazy ride in the books.
We are so happy.

Our next crazy ride will be to Nueva Ecija 350 kms.

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