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Airsoft is one of the newest and fastest growing sport in the Philippines. It is somewhat similar to paintball in that your primary goal is to shoot your opponent with an air-powered weapon but that is where the similarities end. Most paintballers play in small field with brightly colored flashy uniforms. Airsofter’s on the other hand prefer MilSim (Military Simulation). You will find that most Airsofter’s like to dress-up the part of a military soldier to engage in simulated combat and/or reenactment.

this is me Pinoy Adventure Rider

Airsoft guns are toy BB gun that for the most part are exact copies of real firearms. You can find almost any airsoft version of a real firearm from as snub nose revolver to a 6 barreled Gatling gun! Some Sci-Fi and fantasy airsoft guns can also be found. Although it’s realistic looks are what attract many players. They can easily be mistaken for real firearms to those who are unfamiliar with it. Extreme care should be used at all times and should be treated as a real firearm when handling and transporting them. Reckless handling of these guns especially in public can lead to confiscation of your airgun, fines, jail time or even death. The latter, although very rare, was the result of individuals brandishing an airsoft gun in the presence of Law Enforcement. (No one has ever been killed by an airsoft gun). However, used properly and treated with respect. You’ll find airsoft to be an exciting hobby and superior to paint ball, at least in our opinion.

As a safety precaution, airsoft guns are designed in such a way that they are impossible to convert them to real firearms or be modified to the point where they are lethal.

Please keep in mind that there are  laws that regulate the use of airsoft guns. So, before you buy your first airsoft gun, we highly recommend that you research the laws in you area first in order to avoid any unwanted encounters with Law Enforcements. The best way to find out about these is to contact your local airsoft store, fields, teams, forums and police department.

Most airsoft guns fire a 6mm (.25 caliber) light weight plastic or biodegradable BBs. Some newer guns shoot 8mm BBs. The most common type of ammo used is a 6mm 0.20 gram (1/2 ounce) weight BBs. This is considered the standard weight. However, BB weights can range from 0.12 gram to 0.43 grams but most places restrict BBs to a maximum weight of 0.25g for safety reason. You’ll also find that BBs come in many different colors. In most cases color has no real significant effect on the BBs performance. Some manufactures, such as Excel, do use color to help distinguish different BB weight (Ex. 0.20g-cream, 0.23g-light green, 0.25g-light blue).

Airsoft guns are powered by a variety of methods such as spring (hand cocked), compressed air, gas (CO2, Nitrogen and Freon 134a) and electric air pumps. The most popular versions are called AEG’s (Air Electric Gun). These gun have an built in internal air pump, known as a “Gear Box”, that is powered by a rechargeable RC batteries similar to those used by remote control cars. The standard battery that usually comes with a new airgun is an 8.4 volt. Upgraded airguns usually require a 9.6v but you can find players using up to 12v.

Airsoft guns can cause minor injuries (nick, welts, BB size bruises and so on). In the most sever case one can loose an eye. So when you play, it is strongly recommended that you wear the proper safety goggles. It is also highly recommended that a face guard or mouth guard be used as well. BBs have been known to chip teeth.

With that in mind, one of the most common questions asked is how much does it hurts? The pain of being shot can vary depending on the range. Long range will feel like a tap but close range shots can give a nasty sting. One of the best explanations we heard is that it feels like someone snapping you with a rubber band.

Tips for Airsoft Newbies by Pinoy Adventure Rider

1. You have to travel light. Remove excess baggage that you don’t need like sidearms, laser sights that are meant for display purposes only.

2. Use a mask that is clear and that does not fog. Visibility is very important.

3. Know your gun, your gun’s range and ammo. Trust your gun. Train with your gun. Check your ammo.

4. Keep silent so as not to reveal your location. The element of surprise is your most formidable weapon.

5. Do not fire unless you know your target. Firing will reveal your location.

6. Camouflage will help you a lot. Blend with the environment.

7. Choose your spots well. Choose a good cover but at the same time has a good position for offense.

8. It is an advantage to know the terrain.

9. Choose a good buddy that will cover you and watch your back.

10. Patience is a virtue and very important in airsoft. Use a watch.  Use the allotted time technically and wisely to your advantage. Since you are playing in an uncomfortable environment most of the time, plus the hot and heavy suit each player is wearing, most players will surely attack at once just to get out of this situation. Thus, improperly executing his plan of attack. While you on the other hand, must have a mindset to wait it out a little longer and attack at the proper time.

Thanks for reading.

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