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December 27, 2011.

630 PM.

Rox wanted to take a peek at Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City for a carnival called “CIRCLE OF FUN”.

The place is good, I’ve heard.

I made my night rides a daily routine whenever time and weather permits. Tonight is a good night. The moon showed up and a star (or planet).

I grabbed my bike, helmet and water canister.

From Marikina, we rode to Diliman via Tumana bridge to UP campus.

It is not an easy ride. There are lots of vehicles on the road. Fast and still rushing.

Ah! There it is! Finally we are here at QC Circle.

Do not even try to cross this 6-lane circular highway. It’s madness!

At the QC City Hall, you will find an underpass. You can cross safely from there.

We started our quest. By the way, we are here for the ride, the CIRCLE OF FUN, the TIANGGE and THE FOOD!

Total ride, 30 kilometers. Nice!

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Wawa Dam ceased operation in the 1960’s when the Ipo-La Mesa-Angat watershed was established.

Since its decommissioning, the dam is frequented by tourists and campers for its beauty.


From Cubao, Quezon City, ride  a jeepney  with a signboard stating MONTALBAN,

this jeep will stop at Montalban very near Wawa Dam. But us, we prefer the mountain bike.

We started early. I joined up with the elite. This ride is not for newbies.

We biked from Marikina to Mt. Susungdalaga in Montalban, Rizal.

We entered at the upper part of the reservoir.

The water is very clean.

There is a store in the middle of nowhere selling Halo-halo(fruit mixture with shaved ice).


That’s all! Thanks for reading.

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Cholesterol – HIGH.


I can feel and hear the warning bells… It’s dark. No Rain. Air is cool.

I grabbed my bike, freshly-charged helmet light, water jug and headed to Raffy’s bike shop hoping to tag a few more dudes.

Raffy, Ronald and Calayo are ready. After riding in circles at the Marikina Heights Liwasang Kalayaan like tormented flies, we finally headed to Calumpang, Marikina.

We know Calumpang is a place of great cooks and great food.

We rode the Fernando avenue and there it is, our first stop.

A La Paz Batchoy place.

We ordered 2 La Paz Batchoys and try if they are good for our highly sophisticated taste buds.

They cost 60 pesos per order.

Oh yeah. It looks good, smells good, fresh and taste good.  The soup is just right. Not overpowering the other ingredients. No need for additional salt and pepper. The chicharon, special.

Try it. I recommend it!

Next stop, the famous giant burger. Boyong’s of Calumpang.

I have heard it is so good. Now I have to put it to the test.

The J burger, too oily.

The McD, too plain.

The King, better but not that special.

But the BOYONG,s!! Oh man, a legend.

I can’t quite describe it but  i will try. The burger patty is 1/2 pound and has a special secret ingredient mixed with it.

So meaty and tasty. It smells good too. It has tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber. Only 85 pesos. I am sure my stomach will make me come back to this place again and again.

They have Bibingka too. The best I have tasted.

On to our next stop. We are looking for some X’mas puto bumbong.

Ah, a X’mas Bazaar. There must be puto bumbong here.

There is something cooking in those pipes.

Puto Bumbong!

Not the best ever, but good.



A BALOT before calling it a night.

Thanks for reading.



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When I hear the name Shotgun Trail from bikers, it makes me smile. Not many bikers really know the story behind the name.  I even saw it on Google maps that the road was really named “Shotgun”.

When I started biking at Mt. Maarat, there was no Shotgun trail. I have heard from the news that a dumpsite will be built here.  The  dusty trail became a road for the massive dump trucks that will deliver the Metro-Manila garbage.

This dumpsite was not welcomed by environment-loving people and bikers, thus, it became controversial. A security guard was assigned to guard the area and no photography was allowed. This guard was riding a horse and  is brandishing a pistolized Shotgun. I think he did not mean to pistolize the shotgun, it was just too old.

Just imagine, a horse-riding, shotgun-slinging security guard, pretty funny.

Thus, we started calling the place Shotgun with caution. I even salute the guy when he passes. Wheww…

But Hey! You know what, the name suits the road. Riding this trail is like firing a shotgun to your heart. I did not mean to scare you, you can stop and walk your bike if you like. Just a friendly warning bud.

In life, there is balance. All your efforts will be rewarded when you reach the top.  Fresh air, stunning views and a self-fulfillment you never imagined.

I recommend this because it is near, you can enter Timberland heights from the top and do a loop downhill.

Cool! Let’s RIDE!

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