Yahoooo! 600 Subscribers na ang Pinoy Adventure Rider Youtube Channel. Thank you! We promise to give more off-the-beaten-path Blogs, Videos, News about the beauty of the Philippines and Pinoys!

Pinoy Adventure Rider & Friends would like to invite you to come JOIN US on Sept. 17 Sunday 7AM to 12 PM at BOY’S TOWN Marikina for a Gardening Activity and Feeding Program with the BOYS.
(NOTE: Bring your own lunch & pledges for the BOYS like food, old clothes and stuff that they can use like gardening tools, seeds, etc.)

Be careful on the road fellow riders. Always remember our loved ones when riding. Let us not give them pain and sorrow for allowing us to venture on this dangerous sport that we love. Always remember, ENJOY NATURE, CAMARADERIE, FOOD and CULTURE of the places we visit.
Let’s not make their place a RACING GROUND for our egos that never end.


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