TROOPERS ~ Burger.Pasta.Steak House & Diego’s PIZZA
Thumbs up! Very good food! They know what they are doing!

KAMAY NI HESUS [HAND OF JESUS] 2017 Ride ~ Lucban, QUEZON Photo Gallery

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1. When buying or looking for a 2nd hand bike, bring a friend.

2 or 3 heads are better than one so you  can get instant advice from them.


2. If possible, it is better if you know the SELLER.

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Pinoy Pork Kaldereta cooked at the backyard by Chef Pinoy Adventure Rider VP Guzman “Dodong” Tuboran.

Guaranteed learning in just 18 minutes!

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Siren’s blazing!  Man your battle stations!
At least that is what I imagined as the time drew near to start the gift giving.


Around 300 street kids showed up and are gathering outside our gate as they are patiently waiting for the 10 AM start.

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