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The Giant Stairway provides a spectacular entry to the Jamison Valley, descending approximately 300 m. (1,000 ft.) via more than 800 steps. It is located adjacent to the Three Sisters Mountain formation.




Many of the steps had been carved out of the cliff, and metal stairs installed, an effort was made to take advantage of natural ledges, erosion and projections.



Chief Ranger Jim McKay was appointed in 1901, and took to his job with great enthusiasm. In 1914, he conceived the idea of the Giant Stairway. In 1916 it was approved by council, and work began. It was short-lived, however. The work of hacking steps out of the sheer cliff face was deemed too expensive, and the project was halted after a quarter of the distance.

It was not until 1932 that work was re-commenced, again under McKay’s direction, after lobbying by local photographer Harry Phillips.

 Oh yes!  Giant Stairway.

I was expecting a bunch of giant staircases.

But No!


What’s really there is a bunch of small, tight and steep steel stairways descending to God knows where. Deep down the valley below. For some reason, your logic will tell you not to go down. The more you go down, the more you have to climb up. I am pretty sure its tougher climbing up.


Young and old people are climbing down. You may think that these people may be just a little lower than you but surely not all the way down the valley… or are they?


I have to investigate. As I go deeper and deeper down the stairway, not a soul in sight. “They have gone all the way…”


My heart is pounding out of my chest. Cardiac arrest may come any moment. My uphill biking really helped a lot as I am still seeing color all around.


Down and down and down I go. Endless. It’s like there is no getting back up again. Finally, I see the tree tops. ” It’s not that far anymore…right?”


With sheer Pinoy Adventure Rider will, I finally made it. Still not a soul in sight.


No one is planning to come up because as the sign says, “Scenic Railway is available going up for a fee. Last train car leaves at 4:50 PM.” It’s 4:30 PM now and I don’t know which way is the train.


Climbing back up is my immediate reaction. I rushed back up. It’s creepy down there. I met my brother along the way.


Finally we made it all the way up the mountain. That’s some adventure. Cheers mate!

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A life-size statue of a man with a metal bucket on his head, chest plates and armor all over and is slinging a gun?


What kind of bakery is this?


“That’s Red Ned.” My nephew said. “He was an outlaw.” He added.

What’s an outlaw got to do with pies…? Hmmm…


 Well, here is the story…

[taken from Red Ned Gourmet Pie website]

 {Red Neds Gourmet Pies was established at one of Australia’s best holiday locations, Nelson Bay, in 1997 by master pie maker Barry Kelly.


It has proven to be extremely popular with both the locals and tourists alike and has quickly gained a reputation as one of the best gourmet pie shops in Australia.

The name “Red Ned’s” comes first of all because Barry’s last name is Kelly and is synonymous with one of Australia’s infamous folk law heroes bush ranger Ned Kelly. Ned Kelly’s fathers name was “Red” hence the name RED NEDS.

Barry learned his basic craft in a 5 star international hotel, firstly as a food cost controller and working with international executive chef Fred Stahali from Switzerland.

Barry says he enjoys watching people looking at his “specials” sandwich board outside his shop and going goggle eyed at some of his weird creations such as Steak and Guinness on St Patrick’s Day, Bully Beef and veggie’s on ANZAC day, Kangaroo Teriyaki pie on Australia day or BBQ wild turkey, bourbon and beef pie or smoked chicken and camembert.

“You know the best way to be known is for people to talk about the crazy guy from Nelson Bay who makes weird but wonderful creations. If you start with the best ingredients, you can be the best in the business and always dare to be different” says Barry.


With all this they have become one of Australia’s leading pie makers with over 40 awards in Australia’s top baking competitions over the last four years.


When you visit beautiful Nelson Bay be sure to take the family to Red Neds Gourmet Pie Bar for a chat with Barry. Eat in or dine alfresco and please sign Red Neds visitors book with your comments good or bad. We always appreciate constructive criticism.}

Well, that was very informative. Now I am eager to know more about the outlaw Ned Kelly. I searched and found something about Ned from Wikimedia. It says…

{Edward “Ned” Kelly (June 1854 – 11 November 1880) was an Irish Australian bush ranger.


Kelly’s legacy is controversial; many consider him to be a folk hero and symbol of Irish Australian resistance against the Anglo-Australian ruling class,while others emphasize his involvement in killing.

Kelly was born in Victoria to an Irish convict father, and as a young man he clashed with the Victoria Police.

Following an incident at his home in 1878, police parties searched for him in the bush.

After he and his colleagues killed three policemen, the colonial government proclaimed Kelly and his gang wanted outlaws.

A final violent confrontation with police took place at Glenrowan on 28 June 1880.

Kelly, dressed in home-made plate metal armor and a helmet, was captured and sent to Gaol.

He was convicted of three counts of willful murder and hanged at Old Melbourne Gaol in November 1880.

His daring and notoriety made him an iconic figure in Australian history, folklore, literature, art and film.

In August 2011, anthropologists announced that a skeleton found in a mass grave in Pentridge Prison had been confirmed as Kelly’s. His skull, however, remains missing.}

 Whoaaaa…that’s a cool story.


 What about the pies?

I am telling you, the pies are out-of-this-world. I would not blog about it if its not. Chef Barry perfected the art of making pies.

No words can describe a good pie. I can only give you a hint. One thing is for sure in all good food.

Meat should taste like meat. Fish should taste like fish.

The flavors should not be overwhelming. Spices should not mask the real taste of the main ingredient.

The cooking should be in perfect timing.

That is why Chef Barry always keeps it freshly baked.

I tried the Asparagus, lobster and kangaroo. Wow! I never thought pies can taste like this.

We “smuggled“…[just a wild word for ordering take-out].. a lot of pies because they do not deliver to Sydney.

So we ordered raw, frozen batches.


The next day, we put the pies in the oven and microwave. Well, the taste is not the same anymore.

Chef Barry‘s cooking style and timing is also part of what makes the pies super delicious.

I suggest it’s better to eat it at once.


This is PINOY ADVENTURE RIDER reporting. Thanks for reading!IMG_1830

By the way, this was the actual armor of the outlaw Ned Kelly back  in 1880. Cheers mate!


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Sydney Olympic Park is a large sporting, cultural and leisure complex located 15 km. west from Sydney Central Business District, New South Wales, Australia.



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