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7-eleven ~trail~ 1000 Race @ Timberland Heights

Feb.23, 2014

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is an open-type mini resto with bar that caters to joggers, bikers and the like. It is located at C6 road near Timberland Heights in San Mateo.Rizal.

You can dine at their nipa huts and have an overlooking view of the metro. Better bring your jacket at night because its quite cold there.

We are always here because the food is superb, prepared home-style with love. You will be welcomed by husband-wife tandem Bojie/Ella Pangan who are also avid bikers/riders, son Bryan, daughter Monica and other family members.

[photo grabbed from Bikers Cafe Facebook page]

My brother Oliver celebrated his birthday here last year. It was a lot of fun in a unique way.

Here is the MENU and I recommend all of them. Try them all!

Let’s say you just arrived with your bike and you just need a light snack, the MAMI noodle dish is for you. It has veggies, chicken, boiled egg and fried pork. Nice!

Ah, you have not eaten anything when you left home? No problem, the TAPSILOG is for you. It’s a complete,strong meal comprising of 1 cup of rice, egg, some veggies and the famous cured meat called TAPA. It can be pork, beef or horse.

You also have to try the Filipino famous Pancit Bihon and the Pancit Canton[Canton has thicker noodles].

I mean just look at it, have you seen anything better?

And there is also, FISH. Dinaing na Bangus or Milkfish split in half and mashed with salt, pepper, garlic and vinegar. Tasty!

And last but not the least, the super-famous PORK/BANGUS [fish] SISIG . Ridiculously delicious!

[NOTE: these are not all their MENU, these are just the ones I ordered]

The prices are affordable, don’t let the ambiance fool you. Cool. That’s all.

This is PINOY ADVENTURE RIDER. Thanks for reading Adventure Buddies!

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It was a bright sunny, Saturday morning, Oct. 20.2012 when the IDSS Adventure Team re-visited the Mt. Maarat,Timberland Heights trail.

The trail was perfect. Not too muddy and not to dusty. Just right.

The mountain air was fresh and the views were stunning.

There were uphill tracks and we rode in with no problems.

There were also downhill tracks that were quite exciting to ride on.

I think it is snake breeding season this time of year. We saw a green rat snake crossing the trail. We almost hit it. It is more than 5 feet long.The snake has a beautiful, brightly-colored, shiny, scaly body.

It has a pair of bright, yellow, eyes and a sky blue tongue. Very nice. We allowed it to pass unharmed. Other riders saw smaller green snakes too.

We continued riding and went to Philip’s Sanctuary and tried the trail there.

Afterwards, we ate at Giant’s Store.

It was a fun and exciting ride for the IDSS Adventure Team.

Thanks for reading.

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When I hear the name Shotgun Trail from bikers, it makes me smile. Not many bikers really know the story behind the name.  I even saw it on Google maps that the road was really named “Shotgun”.

When I started biking at Mt. Maarat, there was no Shotgun trail. I have heard from the news that a dumpsite will be built here.  The  dusty trail became a road for the massive dump trucks that will deliver the Metro-Manila garbage.

This dumpsite was not welcomed by environment-loving people and bikers, thus, it became controversial. A security guard was assigned to guard the area and no photography was allowed. This guard was riding a horse and  is brandishing a pistolized Shotgun. I think he did not mean to pistolize the shotgun, it was just too old.

Just imagine, a horse-riding, shotgun-slinging security guard, pretty funny.

Thus, we started calling the place Shotgun with caution. I even salute the guy when he passes. Wheww…

But Hey! You know what, the name suits the road. Riding this trail is like firing a shotgun to your heart. I did not mean to scare you, you can stop and walk your bike if you like. Just a friendly warning bud.

In life, there is balance. All your efforts will be rewarded when you reach the top.  Fresh air, stunning views and a self-fulfillment you never imagined.

I recommend this because it is near, you can enter Timberland heights from the top and do a loop downhill.

Cool! Let’s RIDE!

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