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Pinoy Pork Kaldereta cooked at the backyard by Chef Pinoy Adventure Rider VP Guzman “Dodong” Tuboran.

Guaranteed learning in just 18 minutes!

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Siren’s blazing!  Man your battle stations!
At least that is what I imagined as the time drew near to start the gift giving.


Around 300 street kids showed up and are gathering outside our gate as they are patiently waiting for the 10 AM start.

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5 days from now, It will be Christmas Day again.

It is all good with all these gifts and parties and bonuses.

I thank GOD for all the MOTORCYCLE RIDERS’ well-being and my health and for the talents and for the wisdom to extend it out to kids who need a bit of cheering up this year. It may not be much, but you should see their smiles upon receiving a handful of candies and worn out toys. It’s just priceless.



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“Every little thing that you IGNORE, will become an issue later on.”
~ Pinoy Adventure Rider

~Long Distance Riding for at least 600 kilometers~

THE MACHINE ~ Check your bike thoroughly.


Check the bike’s tires, oil, brakes, head light, brake light and signal lights. Bring some spares like spark plug, tools, tire patch. I would suggest using tubeless tires.  You want to know why? By study, they are safer and they are easy to patch up during a flat. You just have to buy a tubeless tire repair kit at Php 400 pesos good for 10 flats. Also bring the air pump so you can inflate the tires back again. (more…)

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As a MAJOR SPONSOR, these is what you will get for the entire year 2017:

1. ALL stories/BLOG entry on WORDPRESS, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus on any topic will bear your logo and website link and a statement will be written like  “This story is sponsored by YOUR COMPANY, WITH COMPANY LOGO, WITH COMPANY LINK TO YOUR WEBSITE.” Some topics will be retrofitted to your business type.

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One day, I was on my way home from Makati City & I passed by my friend who is also a rider and a GO-CART racer.


He checked out my gear and laughed & said,“You look like you are going to a riot with all that gear!”.


I told him that my full gear saved me once on a high speed slide on a big bike. Ever since then, I wore them religiously. (more…)

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Straight answer is YES and NO!

I have been riding motorcycle since I was in high school in 1985.
The motorcycle was my service going to school. It is a Honda Cub 50cc.


During that time, Marikina was still a sleepy town. Since the school is only 1 kilometer away, I had no license then yet.

I have been riding for many years now and I have known many groups and riders along the way. Some use the motorcycle for going to work or their work is riding a motorcycle like for delivering food. Some use it for adventure riding in the mountains. Some use it for endurance riding. Some are motorcycle designers and compete in shows. Some just join clubs to meet other petrol heads and hang out in petrol stations.

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Merchandising is part of promoting the Pinoy Adventure Rider name.

This mug is only the beginning of a long line of merchandising products for 2017.

All big donors for our charity projects will receive one.

Thank you all kind-hearted people around the world!



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Sunday, December 4, 2016.

During my visit to Singapore way back 2013, I really miss the food scene because Singapore is really a melting pot of great cuisines. They really know what they are doing when it comes to food. They have hawkers centers on every block unlike here in the Philippines where we really adore the unhealthy fast food.




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