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Sunday, Feb.12.

I woke up at around 3 AM and prepared for this 75 kilometer ordeal. I installed a new cross country seat.

It started to drizzle. It looks like it is going to rain.

Rain ride. No problem. But I am not a fan of it anymore. Water from the front tire splash goes into your mouth.

Not a tasty and healthy treat at all. 10 riders gather up to take the ride.

We took the Binangonan route. Along Marcos Highway, the drizzle got stronger.

We wanted to go back but we already ordered 5 kilos of giant Tilapia Fish. We rode on.

I got a flat tire at Junction. We replaced the tire tube and moved on.

9 AM, we reached Cardona near Morong,Rizal.

We grilled the giant Tilapia fish. The biggest Tilapia I have ever seen.
I have a strong feeling that this Tilapia will have a flat taste.

In my knowledge, over-sized, fresh water fish taken from the Laguna lake, tastes flat. I hope I am wrong.

We even had some boiled fish with fish eggs inside.

Time to eat.

The grilled Tilapia is so sweet and delicious. I was wrong after all.
Boiled fish with eggs, great.

After eating, we rested. Chilled out a bit.

We rode back to Marikina taking the Teresa,Rizal uphill route.

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The Sierra Madre is the longest mountain range in the Philippines.

The range starts in the in the north in the province of Cagayan and ends in the south in the province of Quezon, just east of Laguna de Bay.

To the west as it reaches the province of Nueva Vizcaya to form the Caraballo Mountains, with which it connects with the Cordillera Central range.

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