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Yes, Pantabangan Lake, I saw it on Google map, we need a place to ride to, it’s time to go.

It’s 6AM. Me and my buddy Mon gassed up and rode towards Pantabangan, NE. It is a good 200+ kms. from Marikina city.

We saw lots of rice fields. It is a very pretty sight  coz I think it’s harvesting season.

It’s a little scary because there is nobody out there. The roads are clean and it is too quiet.

We stopped for a while and after consulting my buddy Mon regarding the risk that we are taking out here, we decided to push on.

Finally, some people. A resto too. Cool. We asked for directions towards the lake.

They said we are very near and we smiled back at them with a dont-eat-us look. :<

Ah, finally, water.

The dam is magnificent.

And here is Mon trying to fly. ( before japan-japan was invented, this is the trend in shooting-air jordan hehe..)

and here is mine..

Located in the northern part of Nueva Ecija, Pantabangan then was a small village at the foot of Mt. Mabilog below Mt. Dalimanok which are found between Sierra Madre and Caraballo Mountain ranges. The place was discovered on November 30, 1645 by Fr. Juan Alonzo de Abarca, an Augustinian priest who with the 29th Spanish mission in the Philippines.

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