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Be Good. Remember the 10 Commandments.

We are very busy. We keep forgetting. That’s what we all say.

By the Goodness and Grace of GOD, are we  assured of HIS forgiveness?  I don’t know.


What I know is on top of a hill in Pintong Bocaue, San Mateo, Rizal are two 50-foot stone tablets of the 10 Commandments.


So big it dwarfs the bikes and people around it.

5 riders converged at Ministop. 6 AM. It’s going to be a hot ride. Global-warming hot.


We rode up to Monterey Hills, down to AFP Housing, up to Sitio Aries and then up to Pintong Bocaue hills where the giant stones cast a shadow on humanity.

It is not very far from Philip’s Sanctuary.

Up there, there is a store where you can order food and drinks. The place is called CAMP SINAI.


It’s not the best food but there is no other choice.

We ate tapsilog (meat, fried rice and egg) and some soda. After that, we took some shots of the stone tablets.


The PINTONG BOCAUE route I remember very well because if you rode a little further, you will find a beautiful and relaxing river that feeds water to the old WAWA DAM of RIZAL.


It is not the most spectacular scene for me but it is worth a visit.

Safe riding guys!

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