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When I hear the name Shotgun Trail from bikers, it makes me smile. Not many bikers really know the story behind the name.  I even saw it on Google maps that the road was really named “Shotgun”.

When I started biking at Mt. Maarat, there was no Shotgun trail. I have heard from the news that a dumpsite will be built here.  The  dusty trail became a road for the massive dump trucks that will deliver the Metro-Manila garbage.

This dumpsite was not welcomed by environment-loving people and bikers, thus, it became controversial. A security guard was assigned to guard the area and no photography was allowed. This guard was riding a horse and  is brandishing a pistolized Shotgun. I think he did not mean to pistolize the shotgun, it was just too old.

Just imagine, a horse-riding, shotgun-slinging security guard, pretty funny.

Thus, we started calling the place Shotgun with caution. I even salute the guy when he passes. Wheww…

But Hey! You know what, the name suits the road. Riding this trail is like firing a shotgun to your heart. I did not mean to scare you, you can stop and walk your bike if you like. Just a friendly warning bud.

In life, there is balance. All your efforts will be rewarded when you reach the top.  Fresh air, stunning views and a self-fulfillment you never imagined.

I recommend this because it is near, you can enter Timberland heights from the top and do a loop downhill.

Cool! Let’s RIDE!

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