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I believe no expedition can be successful without a support crew/vehicle. I know a lot of groups want it but cannot afford it, so they resort to dividing the support jobs to each and every rider.

Support Crew/Vehicle is an essential part of the success of the 3 PETRON MOTORCYCLE RUNS.

During every PETRON RUN, motorcycles and rider’s gears are scrutinized just to insure that accidents can be averted at an early stage.

But of course, the motorcycle, as we all know, is a magical machine. It can take us to great adventures and beautiful places but, it only has 2 wheels and cannot stand on its own. It is very easy to crash on a motorcycle. Accidents are common and support crew/vehicle should act as a guardian angel, able to respond and reach a fallen rider at a short notice.

All pumped up and ready, we rode on chasing the 400+ motorcycles. We are on 4 ISUZU pickups. Equipped with radios, we communicate on how to tackle each and every situation.

Fallen riders are very thankful that we are there as needed. Slips, slides, engine problems, etc. we are there.

I have to admit, the ISUZU pickups can take some serious beating. We rode so hard on every terrain imaginable with no problems.


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