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SAFETY GEAR – Helmet, Shady Eye Protection, Bandana

Helmet is a must. Many deaths have been avoided because of the good-ol helmet.


Shades or Eye Protection Glasses can be a life-saver in cases when the sun is up and in full power. It also feels shady even though the sun is a killer.
Shades can protect you from sore eyes and tree leaves that you might encounter on the trail.
Bandanas can work as protection from road pollution and mud from your front tire and can even work as head gear and sweat catcher.


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Firstly, let me just say the famous words of my idol Arnold Schwarzenegger,I’m Back!

Yes, this is my 2nd time here at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Heritage Resort.

My first visit was last August of 2012. Almost 2 years ago.

Well, I was informed that now, they have the Eco-Adventure Park. I am excited and afraid.
We rode on a Jimny 4×4 and headed to Bagac, Bataan.



As always, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Heritage Resort is still beautiful. Older, but beautiful.
Two years ago, there were 26 heritage houses moved here. Now, I was informed that there are 70 houses and replicas already.

I have seen the constructions everywhere. If I have to describe it in one word, I would say “Grand“.
But I am not here for the heritage site. You can find that story here. (READ: Pinoy Adventure Rider visits Las Casas in Bagac, Bataan)

I am here for the New Eco-Adventure Park. Woohoo!

With my mountain bike and gear in tow, we headed to the place called YASA, about 10 kms. away.


By the way, keep in mind that the Eco-Adventure Park is very new and is in its experimental stage.


A new rough road is already built. Expect a little 4×4 action for now coz the soil is still loose.
Upon arriving, I noticed the brand new Zip Line was already installed,ready for tests.



The sand is flesh-colored. Nice.
A trail for mountain bikes and people is already built. This trail will lead you to the YASA cliffs.
If you’re up to it, you can jump here for some adrenalin-pumpin’ action or just simply appreciate the beauty of nature and its wonders.


Among the rocks are small crabs and fish.
The following day, we took the boat going to the park as it is also accessible via the water. The boat ride in itself is a treat.

Today, more equipment arrived for use,like the paddle boats and kayaks.

Everyone enjoyed themselves.

As I can see in the near future, Las Casas Eco-Adventure Park will be enjoyed by people all over the world wanting to have an alternative destination in the Philippines.

Fly High. Live Free.

What you can expect at the Eco-Adventure Park in the following months:

Mountain bike trails
More water sports equipment
Wall / rock climb
ATVs and trails
Office / bathroom and Kubo – tents (Nipa Huts)

Tune in. Pinoy Adventure Rider will inform you of its progress. Please LIKE me on FACEBOOK. #pinoyadventurerider
This is Pinoy Adventure Rider reporting.

For the FULL PHOTO GALLERY click here

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The Giant Stairway provides a spectacular entry to the Jamison Valley, descending approximately 300 m. (1,000 ft.) via more than 800 steps. It is located adjacent to the Three Sisters Mountain formation.




Many of the steps had been carved out of the cliff, and metal stairs installed, an effort was made to take advantage of natural ledges, erosion and projections.



Chief Ranger Jim McKay was appointed in 1901, and took to his job with great enthusiasm. In 1914, he conceived the idea of the Giant Stairway. In 1916 it was approved by council, and work began. It was short-lived, however. The work of hacking steps out of the sheer cliff face was deemed too expensive, and the project was halted after a quarter of the distance.

It was not until 1932 that work was re-commenced, again under McKay’s direction, after lobbying by local photographer Harry Phillips.

 Oh yes!  Giant Stairway.

I was expecting a bunch of giant staircases.

But No!


What’s really there is a bunch of small, tight and steep steel stairways descending to God knows where. Deep down the valley below. For some reason, your logic will tell you not to go down. The more you go down, the more you have to climb up. I am pretty sure its tougher climbing up.


Young and old people are climbing down. You may think that these people may be just a little lower than you but surely not all the way down the valley… or are they?


I have to investigate. As I go deeper and deeper down the stairway, not a soul in sight. “They have gone all the way…”


My heart is pounding out of my chest. Cardiac arrest may come any moment. My uphill biking really helped a lot as I am still seeing color all around.


Down and down and down I go. Endless. It’s like there is no getting back up again. Finally, I see the tree tops. ” It’s not that far anymore…right?”


With sheer Pinoy Adventure Rider will, I finally made it. Still not a soul in sight.


No one is planning to come up because as the sign says, “Scenic Railway is available going up for a fee. Last train car leaves at 4:50 PM.” It’s 4:30 PM now and I don’t know which way is the train.


Climbing back up is my immediate reaction. I rushed back up. It’s creepy down there. I met my brother along the way.


Finally we made it all the way up the mountain. That’s some adventure. Cheers mate!

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